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If you've landed on Ben's Big Blog from your corner of the universe, thank you :) If you came via HipHopNumbers, you are in the right place! All of my statistical analyses on this website can be found here.

I Have Moved To for the Foreseeable Future

I have my own little statistical corner at

This is where I will now remain until Carter (the site's owner) kicks me off. Hopefully the 35th of Nevuary.

Here is why I made the move to CentralSauce, and why, if you're a hip-hop fan at any level, you should hop over and have a click around. The content and the creators producing it are absolutely top-drawer

 CentralSauce favours deep, well-researched, immersive content over superficial or clickbait work that leaves you as quick as you read it. The content I create can take months to research and describe, and there's no other outlet with the capacity to publish and highlight such deep dives. My content is in-depth and takes a lot of hard work, and this is exactly what CentralSauce is.

Here is some of the work I've had published recently on the website

Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Drake or Kanye West: Who Was the Most Self-Obsessed Lyricist in 2018?

There's plenty more in my creator archive.

Finally, follow the twitter!

Feel free to get in touch with me about anything you want. To yell at me, to cry with me, to offer me paid employment!

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