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Hip-Hop Out-Charted Pop By 227 Weeks in 2017

It may come as no surprise, but hip-hop was the most popular genre of music in 2017, by an impressive margin. It was reported earlier in th...

By The Numbers

Tracking Jay-Z's Transition From Player to Family Man Via His 320 Lyrical Beyoncé Lyrical References

By The Numbers: Every Single Name-Drop By The Game (Studio Albums)

By The Numbers: Soundtracks Have Increased 300% In the Chart Since Frozen

The Most Successful Hip-Hop Soundtracks of All Time

By The Numbers: How Often Does Kanye West Perform On His Own Beats?

The Numbers Behind Murda Beatz and CuBeatz, The Two Producers Who Helped Soundtrack 2017

By The Numbers: A Breakdown Of Every Grammys "Album Of The Year" Category Since 1986

Hip-Hop's Next Generation of Super-Producers: Louis Bell and Frank Dukes, A Statistical Analysis of Their 2017

Only one producer had a more successful 2017 in hip-hop than Louis Bell: Metro Boomin. And only Metro Boomin spent longer in the Billboard top 20 than Frank Dukes when it comes to hip-hop producers. They are now both working closely with Camila Cabello, and her debut album is doing incredibly well. Check out the journey from obscurity to popular obscurity via their numbers.

By The Numbers: Dave Chappelle's Measurable Impact On The Careers Of His Musical Guests (Kanye, Killer Mike, Lil Jon, And More)

This is part two of my analysis on the impact Chappelle's Show had on hip-hop culture. It's incredible to see the direct impact of appearing on the show. Kanye's backpack phase was launched into the mainstream thanks to his performance of "The Food" with Common in 2004, Lil Jon actually credits the show for his spike in popularity, and artists like Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe and The Roots all experienced success directly after appearing. Check out the full analysis, included Killer Mike's time in the Billboard charts.

By The Numbers: How Often Does Lil Wayne Say Pussy In His Career? (Updated)

It's the article that launched this blog! And I've updated it to include all of 2017, included Dedication 6, and come up with that nifty infographic above. Every single Lil Wayne track and feature verse and hook is included, this is the most comprehensive list ever compiled of Wayne's Pussy obsession.

By The Numbers: Dave Chappelle's Lasting Impact on Lyrical Content Visualized

Chappelle's impact on hip-hop culture is no more evident than in the lyrics the show inspired via the oft-quoted classic sketches. Using Genius' lyrical database, Chappelle's direct impact on lyrical content can be measured. Chappelle's Show first aired in January 2003, and season 2 ended in April 2004.

By The Numbers: Cardi B Has Out-Performed Every Other Rapper on the Hot 100 in the last Six Months

Cardi has spent 42% longer in the Billboard Hot 100 top 20 than her nearest rival Quavo. She's also spent 10 weeks longer inside the top 10 than Post Malone, a certified chart juggernaut himself. Read the article to find out which of her songs have been the most successful thus far.

Hip-Hop Out-Charted Pop by 227 Weeks in 2017

2017 is the year that Hip-Hop emphatically became the most popular genre in the United States. A huge turn-around from 2016, a year in which Pop and R&B both out-charted Rap. The article lists weeks in the Billboard top 20 for each genre, weeks in the top 10, weeks at number one, and lists the most successful records and songs in each genre. It also compares 2016 to 2017.

By The Numbers: Lil Wayne's Mixtape Remixes Have Coincided With 325 Dropped Places on the Hot 100

Why do they call Lil Wayne the Rapper Eater? What is Mixtape Weezy? And why exactly have songs that Lil Wayne remixes lost so many places on the Hot 100, and gained so few? This article is the closest we will get to a definitive answer.


By The Numbers: Revival is Eminem's Least Explicit Album Since Infinite

Revival looks set to be Eminem's wost-received album since Infinite. His 2017 record sold the least amount first week of any of his major label records, and it features the least amount of swear words (1.05%) since that underground debut. It's also his third least violent, and his least violent since Encore. What is Eminem's favourite swear word of all time? Read on!


By The Numbers: Eminem Has Become a Pop Rapper With Revival 

Revival is 19.5% pop, with 7 pop features, and without a single rap verse from anyone other than Eminem. It's not even his most pop-laden album, but as his pop-percentage has increased, his critical reception has faltered. And does Eminem still spit bars? Let's run the numbers.


By The Numbers: 2017 Pitchfork Review Statistics (Vs. 2010-2016)

Which genre had the lowest average review score in 2017 on Pitchfork? Bet you didn't say "hip-hop". How about the highest? Jazz? This article dives deep into Pitchfork's 2017 statistics, comparing review scores across all genres, how often genres are reviewed, which were the highest and lowest reviewed projects, and, thanks to Nolan Conway, a comparison between 2017's figures and the period 2010-2016. Read on! 


By The Numbers: Post Malone Has Out-Charted Every Lead Hip-Hop Artist and Group in 2017

Just how good was 2017 for Post Malone? He outc-harted Future, Migos, Kendrick, Drake, and 21 Savage, with Stoney spending a staggering 48 weeks in the Billboard 200. "Congratulations" also endured, propelling him into the same realm as Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. Read on for a full analysis. 


By The Numbers: Nicki Minaj Is The Most Successful Female Rapper Of All Time

Nicki has been claiming this title for years, so it was prudent to fact-check her and settle the debate once and for all. While she takes the crown, it isn't as clear-cut. Lauryn Hill has sold more records, Missy Elliott has more Hot 100 top 10s, and it's Missy who has won the hearts of the critics. Read on for the full breakdown and explanation. 


By The Numbers: The Lifespan of the Modern Batsman 

So NSW drops Ed Cowan at age 35, only for Australia to pick Shaun Marsh at age 34? Age is nothing but a number until age 40, according to the statistics. The article also scratches under the Sheffield Shield surface to discover why Australian batting stocks have been so depleted of late. The Futures League has a lot to answer for. 

By The Numbers: 50 Cent Didn't Kill New York Hip-Hop, but did Kanye and Ebro? 

Ebro and 50 Cent go back and forth on who "killed" rap in New York during the mid-2000s. This analysis tracks that death through chart position and sales of singles and albums from the region, and looks at the exact year when success in the city began to tail off. And it coincides with Kanye West's famous sales battle with 50 Cent in 2007. The argument that 50 killed it by not working with local rappers is debunked.


By The Numbers: The Peak and Death of Hip-Hop in New York (Method)

The typical method behind these in-depth articles.


By The Numbers: Tidal Does More For Music Than Spotify And Apple Music Combined

It seems like every week a new article is written deriding Tidal over some perceived (rarely objective) flaw. This article doesn't look at the why, it looks at how damaging it is to music culture to attack Tidal. Spotify and Apple Music seem impervious at times, yet combined they don't even do as much for the culture as Tidal does. Check the entire list of Tidal's achievements and contributions. 


By The Numbers: How Often Do Rappers Mention Themselves? 

The sister to the article that launched this blog into the stratosphere. Click through to find out some statistics on just how often Nicki Minaj mentions herself on wax, a breakdown of the self-mentions from the two artists on the list you'd expect to be ego-driven (Kanye and Jay), a look at third person mentions, and the bottom and top 15 songs and albums with regards to self-mentions. 


By The Numbers: How Often Do Rappers Mention Themselves? (Hard Stats) 

Fantano approved! Just who is the most egotistical rapper? It isn't Kanye. It is Nicki! This article ranks 11 artists based on how often they mention themselves over the course of their careers (albums only). Artists in the analysis: Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Big Sean, Drake, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole and Future.


By The Numbers: Ageism In Hip-Hop Doesn't Exist

50 Cent, Andre 3000, Drake, and Young Thug are just some of the rappers who have put an age limit on rap. As a new genre, it's not commonplace for middle aged rappers to achieve mainstream success. But is it real or imagined? The kids might have stop listening to Jay-Z post-Kingdom Come, but this analysis proves that relevance and mainstream success doesn't dip until at least 49, and the sample size is so small at that end it's not significant. Read on for a full analysis. 

By The Numbers: Did Lil Wayne's Obsession With Pussy Hurt His Career? 

Every. Single. Lil Wayne. Song. Feature. Loosie. Remix. Etc. Etc. in his career, current to mid-2017. How often does Wayne rap pussy? And does an increase in pussy mentions signal a drop in critical reception? Which albums and year is his most pussy prolific? Check out the article!


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