Facebook Found My Old Psychologist And Suggested Him As A Friend

So the "suggested friends" tab... I don't mind it to be honest. I can usually lose a sneaky half hour Facebooking people from my past, or people connected to my present, at the not-so-subtle request of Mark Zuckerberg's algorithms. I don't normally think too carefully about how they come up with this list, but then I've never had cause to. Until today, that is.

So today, I log on, and a name I vaguely remember pops up. A little mental digging, and it turns out it was a psychologist I had 3 sessions with in mid-2014. I was directed there by a psychiatrist, I booked an appointment via his receptionist, I probably googled him once or twice in early 2014, and that's it. I never once posted publicly about him on Facebook, I never posted about him on Twitter or Instagram, and the only time I would have mentioned him would have been via Facebook messenger, probably with my mum, girlfriend, or sister. We also have no mutual friends, and he doesn't appear in …

Jay Z Dream Album Number 13

Artist: Jay Z
Executive Producers: Shawn "Jay Z" Carter

1. Lights Down
(S. Carter, S. Combs, D. Matthews, L. Coppin, J. Butler, K. Gamble, L. Huff)
Produced by Diddy and LV & Sean C for Grind Music/The Hitmen/Bad Boy Entertainment. Recorded by Steve "Rock Star" Dickey at Daddy's House, NYC, and Young Guru for Gurucrates LLC at Roc The Mic Studios, Manhattan, NY. Mixed by Supa Engineer DURO for Chairman of the Boards at Daddy's House, NYC. Drums by Mario Winans. Arranged by Kenneth "Scooter" Whalum. Trumpet by Keyon Harrold. Strings by Mario Winans
Published by Roc Nation Music/Carter Boys/Warner Chappell (ASCAP)//Justin Combs Publishing ADM, EMI April (ASCAP)/For My Son Publishing (ASCAP)/Steady On The Grind(BMI)/Uni-CHappell Music, Inc (BMI)/Sa-Vette Music Co. (BMI)
Contains a sample of "Chocolate Candy" performed by Soulful Strings, courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises. Used by permission, all rights reserved

2. Out Th…

The Fate of the Furious Review

Rating: 10/10 (I'm serious)

Wow. I walked out of this movie energised and enthused, and quite frankly staggered at the leap in quality from Fast and Furious 7 to this, the eighth instalment. Every weak aspect of this long-running series has been enhanced, as if the writers took to previous movies with a fine toothed comb tightened every loose end.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has been criticised heavily in past movies for his wooden performances. His slow and measured platitudes have been delivered with all the grace and subtlety of the cars he drives, and it's been difficult to believe he's the mastermind behind the various plans and escapades. In The Fate of the Furious he is revolutionary. It's almost like someone turned a light on in his head, and emotion shines brightly out of his every facial feature. When he smiles, he lights the entire screen up. He puts in a dynamic, show-stopping performance (sorry Charlize), and when it turns out he created an incredibly intricate a…

Ranking of Traditional Pub Grub

All standard Australian pub food. No lobster, or seafood platters. No dishes from pubs that specialise in a foreign cuisine (Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, French, Indian etc).

28. Fisherman's Basket
So you put on enclosed shoes and deodorant, drove to the pub, and bought the exact same meal your local fish and chip shop sells, for 3 times the price. There's a reason fish and chip shops don't usually stay open past 8pm. Figure it out.
27. Ribs The messiest food known to man is ribs. Usually swimming in the most sickly sweet BBQ sauce invented, ordering this is nearly as anti-social as ordering fish. While everyone else politely nibbles away on the chicken schnitzel at the end of their fork, you're indulging your inner animal and flicking bits of sauce and meat all over everyone. And Lord help you if you try and shake my hand at the end of the night. 
26. Roast of the Day There's a reason it costs $12 when everything else on the menu is $20+. Has anyone, anywhere…

Was Bink! the true architect of The Blueprint sound?

On September 11, 2001, Jay-Z released the second classic of his career, The Blueprint. The album was transformative for Kanye West and Just Blaze, the former picking up 5 production credits, and the latter 4. Both used this album as a springboard to hip-hop immortality. Just Blaze expanded on the sped-up soul samples by taking the instrumentation, playing it live, and propelling it into the stratosphere ("Welcome To New York City", "Hovi Baby", "As One", "Lollipop", "Pump It Up" and so on). Kanye stuck true to The Blueprint sound and helped vault Freeway, Twista and Common onto the charts, and his first 2 records, largely regarded as classics, relied heavily on the trail that was blazed by the creators of The Blueprint. Both artists are now considered all-time greats.

So who, you may ask, is Bink!? He's a producer who started out working with Lost Boyz, and came up in the same environment as Timbaland, The Neptunes, Nottz, and Ted…

What if Lil Wayne had signed with Jay Z in 2005?

Around 2005-2006, Jay Z, as president of Def Jam, made a play to sign Lil Wayne. It never eventuated. Jay's side of the story, told to The Breakfast Club in 2013, places the blame for the failed deal squarely on the table of Birdman, the head of Cash Money Records, the label that discovered and signed Wayne. Jay claims Birdman sent him a letter for "torturous interference", and that was that. Lil Wayne explained in 2016 that he had indeed taken a daytime meeting with Jay at a 40/40 club in the mid-2000s, but the $175k value of the deal wasn't agreeable: "Believe that... I was looking like... two teeth in my mouth is 175. My bottom teeth."

2006 was the beginning of Wayne's run as the greatest rapper on the planet. He ran the genre from 2006 through at least 2008, releasing an unprecedented amount of critically acclaimed music. As Jay said on 2009's "A Star Is Born", "Wayne scorchin', I'll applaud him / If he keep going, pass the…