The Most Comprehensive Guide to Sydney Record Stores, Part 1

Sydney isn't known as the vinyl capital of the world, but there's a devoted group of record stores stocking big beautiful 12" records for you to spend your paycheck on and put up on your bookcase. Maybe even play it once in a while. This is part 1, because there's so many! In no particular order.

Red Eye Records

The place to buy records in Sydney since forever. They used to have two stores, one for new release and one for second hand / collectable. I always liked upstairs in the King St flagship store, I must have spent $2k minimum in there as a teenager.

In 2017, they're still the go to in Sydney. This is a professional outfit, complete with a massive website that not only shows you what your favourite has in stock but about 400 items they can order in. Inside, there are racks upon racks of vinyl and CD, with a small second-hand section and an even smaller cheap CD section. There's also the biggest range of collectables in Sydney, possibly Australia.

They also …

Top 10 Natural Peanut Butter Brands in Australia

Despite the fact that all the products on this list use between 99 and 100 percent peanuts in their spreads, taste, quality, consistency, price, and texture vary greatly. All are tested in their "crunchy" guise, because no-one I've ever remained friends with eats smooth peanut butter.

10. Mother Earther Peanut ButterPrice: $14/kg
Taste: Nowhere near as rich as Mayver's or Pic's. Like the peanut itself, this tends to be a bit anonymous.
Consistency/Texture: It feels like they haven't pulsed it for long enough in the blender. It's just not creamy at all, and it gets worse and worse the longer you leave it out. You can scoop it out like ice cream!
Oil Separation: Very hit and miss. Some tubs are fine, others had a thin layer of oil on top. Apart from Pic's and Scoop, it's got the least separation.
Resilience While Open in Pantry: Tends to go rock hard down the bottom, best to flip it upside down. Smells fine after 3 weeks. 
Verdict: Too flawed for the pric…

Depeche Mode - Spirit Review

Depeche Mode - Spirit
Rating: 7/10

It's not often people look to synth-pop bands from the 1980s for political revolution and socially aware commentary. Devo and Soft Cell aren't on speed dial for liberal commentators. But while many acts seem to be wading into the war of North American affairs weary and as if coerced, Depeche Mode feel like the perfect catalysts for conversation about steeped revolutions and political uprisings. From the very beginning, with tracks like "Blasphemous Rumours" and "People Are People", Gore, Gahan, and Fletcher weren't afraid to call people out on their bullshit, or present an opinion that may be at odds with some of their fans. This isn't a pop band writing uplifting anthems à la Coldplay.  This is the band that released Black Celebration at the height of their fame, appealing to the depressing entirety of life and casting off bubblegum sentiments and uplifting platitudes.  

Still, there's nothing like Spirit in the…

Don't Be The Person Who Kills A Cyclist

I am a very reluctant road cyclist. I like them as much as you do. Their behaviour is often questionable, and I've seen occasions where they place themselves in dangerous (but not illegal) positions. Cycling up hills in 70km zones on dual carriageways with blind corners, taking up an entire lane on Southern Cross Drive on a Sunday morning, using the road when there's no shoulder instead of the bike path right next to it. We've all seen it, a lot of you have probably seen red over it too.

But do you honestly want a dead body on your conscience? 
That's not dramatic at all. When I was in high school, a policeman told us that a car is likely the most dangerous and deadly weapon we will possess in our adult lives. It's 2 tonnes of metal that's capable of doing 200 km/hr. Compare that to a bicycle, which is about 10kgs of aluminium, capable of going only as fast as the cyclist on it can manage with their legs, and with no mirrors, horns, accelerator, and a couple o…

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Sydney Record Stores, Part 2

How can you tell a top-tier city from all those below it? Ask this question: does it have more than 3 decent record stores? Sydney has quality and quantity, but each store has a personality that will appeal to unique segments of the market.

Don't forget, all of these stores existed before the "vinyl revival", although JB Hi-Fi introduced vinyl after the 4000th think piece on why vinyl staged a comeback.

These are in no particular order.


Located in Parramatta, there's been a couple of news stories about them recently, notably this by Mixdown. The nitty gritty is that Beatdisc stocks a huge range of CDs and vinyl records, at the most reasonable prices in Sydney. Almost every notable new album (hip hop, pop, alternative, heavy) finds its way onto the vinyl racks. There's a huge second-hand selection, mostly older pop or Australian records, but there's even some compilations, comedy albums, and soundtracks to musicals. 7" records are also accounted for…

Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me Review

Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me
Rating: 8/10

Watch the quality of future albums by anyone who has been associated with Rick Ross for the past decade, because finally, since way back on 2006's Port of Miami, he's kept his best pen-work for himself. Rather You Than Me is such a lyrical masterpiece people have been comparing him to the legendary Notorious B.I.G., something Drake, who dropped his project 2 days after Ross, will doubtless be a bit perturbed about, given this chorus. While comparisons to Biggie are quite outrageous, this is easily the greatest Ross has sounded for an entire record, taking the focus and dexterity of his legendary feature verse on "Devil In A New Dress" and stretching it out over 62 minutes.

For a new listener, it can be difficult to place Ross. On "Triple Platinum", he acknowledges the boasts he serves up on his songs don't match his performance on the charts. While his debut, Port of Miami, is certified platinum, and he has 5 n…

Australian Ice Creams Ranked

I'm talking about the 1 serving ice creams, not the big tubs. The stuff you can pop down to your servo on a hot day and pay $6 for!

31. Frosty Fruits
How a sugary icy pole manages to still be tart is beyond me. I'm not saying I hate it, but on a 45 degree day faced with the choice of a Frosty Fruits or a hot mug of black coffee, I'd take the coffee.

30. Icy Pole 
Only higher than Frosty Fruits because it's not quite as tart. If you have sensitive teeth these things can be used successfully in torture.

29. Lifesavers Ice Block
Big leap in quality from 30 to 29. We're into the edible portion of the list (just).

28. Calippo 
Points have been awarded for the packaging, which allows you to drink your part-melted Calippo. They're best enjoyed on a summer day, lest you break your teeth if you try to bit into it. Points lost from your friendship group if anyone makes fun of you eating it.

27. Fandangles 
No idea what these are, and not interested in finding out

26. Zooper Do…