10 Best Food Stores in Sydney

Sydney is an incredible place to buy food if you know where to look. There's a flourishing underground of seasonal offerings, organic goods, and high-end products that exists all over the city. Here are some of the shops I've found over the past 5 years of exploring for ingredients, in no particular order.

Scoop Wholefoods 

I came across this shop after a walk to Mosman one day, and I was blown away. At the time I was baking and cooking gluten free, and the sheer number of flours they stocked that weren't available in supermarkets was astonishing. The prices were even better, they could have charged through the nose, and Mosman locals would have paid. Their flour range included coconut, buckwheat, rice, brown rice, barley, tapioca starch, and they mixed up their own gluten free blend, which always worked well. 
That's not all, though. Australian macadamias, yogurt encased nuts, trail mix, high-energy mixes, goji berries, dried banana. And that's not even mentioning …

Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me Review

Rick Ross - Rather You Than Me
Rating: 8/10

Watch the quality of future albums by anyone who has been associated with Rick Ross for the past decade, because finally, since way back on 2006's Port of Miami, he's kept his best pen-work for himself. Rather You Than Me is such a lyrical masterpiece people have been comparing him to the legendary Notorious B.I.G., something Drake, who dropped his project 2 days after Ross, will doubtless be a bit perturbed about, given this chorus. While comparisons to Biggie are quite outrageous, this is easily the greatest Ross has sounded for an entire record, taking the focus and dexterity of his legendary feature verse on "Devil In A New Dress" and stretching it out over 62 minutes.

For a new listener, it can be difficult to place Ross. On "Triple Platinum", he acknowledges the boasts he serves up on his songs don't match his performance on the charts. While his debut, Port of Miami, is certified platinum, and he has 5 n…

Australian Ice Creams Ranked

I'm talking about the 1 serving ice creams, not the big tubs. The stuff you can pop down to your servo on a hot day and pay $6 for!

31. Frosty Fruits
How a sugary icy pole manages to still be tart is beyond me. I'm not saying I hate it, but on a 45 degree day faced with the choice of a Frosty Fruits or a hot mug of black coffee, I'd take the coffee.

30. Icy Pole 
Only higher than Frosty Fruits because it's not quite as tart. If you have sensitive teeth these things can be used successfully in torture.

29. Lifesavers Ice Block
Big leap in quality from 30 to 29. We're into the edible portion of the list (just).

28. Calippo 
Points have been awarded for the packaging, which allows you to drink your part-melted Calippo. They're best enjoyed on a summer day, lest you break your teeth if you try to bit into it. Points lost from your friendship group if anyone makes fun of you eating it.

27. Fandangles 
No idea what these are, and not interested in finding out

26. Zooper Do…

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Sydney Record Stores, Part 1

Sydney isn't known as the vinyl capital of the world, but there's a devoted group of record stores stocking big beautiful 12" records for you to spend your paycheck on and put up on your bookcase. Maybe even play it once in a while. This is part 1, because there's so many! In no particular order.

Red Eye Records

The place to buy records in Sydney since forever. They used to have two stores, one for new release and one for second hand / collectable. I always liked upstairs in the King St flagship store, I must have spent $2k minimum in there as a teenager.

In 2017, they're still the go to in Sydney. This is a professional outfit, complete with a massive website that not only shows you what your favourite has in stock but about 400 items they can order in. Inside, there are racks upon racks of vinyl and CD, with a small second-hand section and an even smaller cheap CD section. There's also the biggest range of collectables in Sydney, possibly Australia.

They also …

Casanova - Be Safe Tho Review

Casanova - Be Safe Tho

Loyalty begets loyalty. Casanova has the cosign of one of the most thorough individuals in hip-hop history, the still-legendary Memphis Bleek. In 2013, the greatest rapper of all time, Jay Z, said of Bleek: "Yeah yeah. Bleek is an amazing soul, he's an incredible person. You know how much pressure people put on him? You should do this, you should have that!" Bleek has repeatedly laughed off suggestions he deserves more. N.O.R.E. gave the New York rapper high praise on Drink Champs , and those words about loyalty, honour, and respect have followed Bleek around his entire career. If ever there was an individual who kept it 100, it's Bleek

Therefore, to get a Memphis Bleek cosign is a huge honour, and one only bestowed upon another individual who is loyal and respected. So we have Casanova, a rapper who would appear to be treading down a similar path to 50 Cent in the late 90s, pre-Aftermath. He's claimed to be the biggest gangster in Flatbush…

Drake - More Life Review

Drake - More Life
Rating: 7/10

- Quotables x22 ✔
- "I'm not stealing from UK Grime, I featured Skepta and Giggs, twice!!!" ✔
- Flawless transitions ✔
- Textbook TV streaming service background music ✔
- More career-ending Meek Mill jabs ✔
- "I just got back in town and considered calling you" ✔
- Lyrics that aren't shots at Hov, but can be interpreted as such ✔
- Safety ✔
- Conspiracy theories ✔
- Recycled flows ✔
- 2 strip club bangers ✔
- Claims to be the best in the game ✔

- Evidence he is the best in the game ✖
- Young Money verse ✖
- Verse worthy of The Source ✖
- Smooth, uninterrupted rollout ✖
- Attempts to win back "real rap fans" ✖
- Fucks given ✖
- Lame Zane Lowe interview ✖

Milky Chance - Blossom

Milky Chance - BlossomRating: 7/10

Trying to infiltrate the American market has been the ruin of many brilliant European pop acts over the years. You can either be Depeche Mode, stomping around the globe selling out arena's and charting top 10 in the US with every record, or you can be Stereophonics, chasing the American dream for 25 years with ruinous results. 
Milky Chance exploded on the scene in 2013 thanks to "Stolen Dance", their all-conquering debut single that flew to number one all over Europe and snuck into the hearts of American indie fans who helped it go double platinum. A slew of North American tour dates were booked, as the duo capitalised on their new-found but tenuous grip on the continent. Their album snuck into the top 20, and they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show, and participated in America's greatest music festival, Coachella. They even filmed the video for single "Doing Good" in San Francisco! 
Blossom sounds like a sligh…

Cardi B - Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2

Cardi B - Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2
Rating: 8/10
Best Track: Back It Up

It's doubtless Cardi B is the most bankable and important export from Love and Hip Hop thus far. When she dropped the surprising and whip-worthy Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 in 2016, she sounded raw and fresh, but her flow and presence on some hard-hitting production was already top-tier. There was only one way to go.

GBMV2 continues the slow reveal of Cardi as an artist, and not just a personality speaking over records (like Big Body Bes for instance). She might be abrasive and incredibly entertaining to watch, but there's much more to Cardi B than rapping about stripping and pulling up on people. The heartfelt "Never Give Up", featuring Josh X, may be a companion piece to "Selfish" from her first mixtape. Cardi appears to be unattainable, a woman in control of her finances and her direction, so much so you'd expect her to be intolerant of weakness in a significant other, but "Nev…

Young Chris - Network 4

Young Chris - Network 4
Rating: 8/10

Young Chris survived The Roc break-up better than most. While others spent time in prison, lost relevance, began beefing heavily with Jay and each other, or walked away from music voluntarily and permanently, Chris went back to the grind, putting out a number of hard-edged mixtapes that were informed by the success and splendour he experienced as part of the peak Roc-A-Fella years.

His Network series will likely become the defining work of his career. Grammy-nominated sounds nice, and going Gold with Neef as part of Young Gunz will always remain part of his history, but the line he toes between lyrical prowess and real-life emotion on his Network mixtapes is unique.

Let's interject for a second and talk about the guest list. There are two ways to get a big name artist on your track: build up enough trust capital that your phone calls get answered every time, or pay exorbitant amounts. How much do you think a Lil Wayne feature costs? On his Netwo…