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Hip-Hop Out-Charted Pop By 227 Weeks in 2017

It may come as no surprise, but hip-hop was the most popular genre of music in 2017, by an impressive margin. It was reported earlier in th...

Ben's Big Blog Lives on CentralSauce Right Now!

For the foreseeable future, Ben's Big Blog is collaborating with CentralSauce, a platform for contributors of in-depth, quality content on all things music and arts.

We have been very busy in the last months, and there is now a dedicated "By The Numbers" section on CentralSauce where all of my content can be viewed.

CentralSauce: By The Numbers

Here are the articles published thus far:

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy & Kanye's Grand Return to Mainstream Hip-Hop: By The Numbers

kanye mbdtf

808's & Heartbreak: Autotune and the Biggest Gamble of Kanye's Career: By The Numbers

kanye west autotune

Graduation and Kanye's Ascent Into Rockstar Status: By The Numbers

kanye graduation era

Late Registration and Kanye's Prolific Sample-Based Production: By The Numbers

kanye late registration production

The College Dropout And Kanye's Struggle for Respect: By The Numbers

kanye college dropout songs

Kanye West's Production Brings Major Success To Other Artists: By The Numbers

the kanye effect

Male Musical Artists Still Dominate The Charts, and the Margin isn't Small

women in music hot 100

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