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By The Numbers: Updated - How Often Does Lil Wayne Say The Word "Pussy" in His Entire Career? Did it hurt his sales? Did jail influence his obsession?

Back in July 2017 this blog published its first ever statistical piece.

"Did Lil Wayne's Obsession With "Pussy" Hurt His Career? (No, it didn't, here is the data to prove it)"

In it, the question of just how often Lil Wayne raps about pussy was finally answered. But it was before I had even learned to use Excel or spreadsheets or graphs, in fact, the original numbers were tallied and added by handed in a notepad document. 

Such a noble statistical pursuit requires a more professional presentation. So, here are his updated figures, which include Dedication 6 and every song he rapped on or released in 2017.

Remember, this is every single Lil Wayne lead song or feature spot in the Genius lyrical database. The end result includes 1009 songs, a staggering 766 explicit pussy mentions, which means Lil Wayne, over the course of his entire career, says the word pussy every 1.32 songs! 

Is there a correlation between pussy mentions and lower sales or worse critical reception?

The original article sought to answer the question "did Lil Wayne's obsession with pussy hurt his career?" The two bottom graphs show the amount of pussy mentions and the critical review score and sales of each project. Lil Wayne's highest selling album is Tha Carter III, and it has the second most pussy mentions of his entire career. The correlation coefficient for this relationship returns 0.465, which actually suggests as pussy mentions go up, so do sales!

The other graph in the above visual tracks critical reception. Again, Tha Carter III, with the second most pussy mentions, scores well, with 84/100. Rebirth has zero (in fact the entire album only has one pussy mention, from Nicki Minaj) and it's Wayne's worst critically received album, a shocking 37/100 on Metacritic. The correlation coefficient is 0.07, indicating little to no linear relationship between how often Wayne says pussy, and how the album is received critically. 

Lil Wayne's Influence on His Guests

Nicki Minaj is a noted pussy mentioner, so it's unsurprising that of all of Lil Wayne's collaborators, she uses the word the most over his entire career. 

Lloyd's contribution actually came in one song, "Dedication To My Ex". It was Mannie Fresh who first uttered the word on a Wayne record, way back in 1998 on the Big Tymers song "Broads". In 1999, Juvenile would rap it on "Back That Azz Up", a track that Wayne hopped on right at the end. It could be said that Wayne learned his pussy-mentioning ways from Cash Money artists in the late 90s and early 2000s. BG, Turk, Juvenile, Birdman and Mannie Fresh all used the word around that time. 

Which Year Was Wayne's "Pussy-Per-Song" Ratio The Highest?

Wayne releases a LOT of music. Here is a graph of the years in which he released the most solo tracks or guest spots. Remember, this is just in Genius' database, there are many more out there, loosies, mixtape tracks, lost guest verses, that aren't transcribed.

Using this data, we can discover which year had the highest proportion of pussy mentions per song.

2013 was a huge year for Wayne's pussy-per-song ratio. 2.15 mentions per track! And some of these songs were merely guest verses or hooks!

This begs the question...

Did Jail Influence Wayne's Use of the Word Pussy?

Lil Wayne was in jail for 8 months, beginning March 2010. His thoughts were catalogued in "Gone Till November", a prison diary released in 2016. Much of that is taken up with day-to-day chores and jobs, and thoughts on prison food. He occasionally mentions women, but nowhere near as often as he does in song. The most pointed line about his lack of sex in jail came on the "Light Up" remix, with a verse spat from jail via phone:

"I went from eating pussy to eating commissary"

Does he mention pussy more after prison than before? 

His pre-prison output includes I Am Not A Human Being, released in 2010. That album included songs meant for his next flagship LP Tha Carter IV, which would be released in 2011.  

There's a clear difference between Wayne's pre and post jail output. His references almost double in regularity after he was released from prison.

Is Wayne's Obsession With Pussy Ending?

Wayne dropped Dedication 6 on Christmas Day, 2017, and it featured just 13 pussy mentions, the second lowest for a Dedication mixtape, and his second lowest (behind ColleGrove) in the post-prison era. 2017 featured just 26 pussy mentions, while 2016 was even less, with 11. It's possible Wayne is emerging from this perma-haze of pussy he's immersed his lyrical content in, but only time will tell. His next project will be part 2 of Dedication 6, which looks to be coming in February. Maybe 2018 will be the year Wayne swears pussy off for good?

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