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Hip-Hop Out-Charted Pop By 227 Weeks in 2017

It may come as no surprise, but hip-hop was the most popular genre of music in 2017, by an impressive margin. It was reported earlier in th...

By The Numbers: Post Malone Has Out-Charted Every Hip-Hop Lead Artist and Group in 2017

 In 2017, Post Malone has managed to outlast most of his chart challengers, from Kendrick Lamar to Ed Sheeran to Khalid. And while his latest single "rockstar" reveals an affinity for rock heroes, Post's statistics place him firmly in the pop genre, a category he might consider pursuing considering his recent comments on hip-hop

Stoney's 45 Weeks in the Top 20

The concept of a slow-burning hip-hop album doesn't exist in the era of the internet. Albums are announced, hyped, released and forgotten about in a matter of weeks and months. High-profile and high-selling releases can hang around the charts for years to come (Recovery by Eminem has spent 94 weeks in the Billboard 200, while Take Care by Drake has floated around for 174 weeks), but they usually hit high on the charts and slowly descend until they congregate and stew in the bottom 50. 

Post dropped Stoney on December 9, 2016, and it debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200. It wouldn't hit its peak of number 4 on the chart until October 28, 2017, a full 323 days after release. It sold 58,000 copies first week, and went platinum in April 2017, and double platinum October 19, 2017.

In 2017, it has spent more weeks in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 than any other release. It debuted at number 6 and actually fell to 23rd, then 25th in its second and third weeks on the chart. In the third week of 2017 it hauled itself back to 14th, and didn't leave the top 20 again until its 33rd week, a brief dip before remaining in the top 20 all the way to the chart of December 9th, 2017. A total of  45 weeks, longer than any other record in 2017.

Here is the chart position per-week for every hip-hop album that experienced chart longevity in 2017. Post's Stoney is in pink. His competition is Culture by Migos, DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar, Future by Future, and More Life by Drake. All of those records start in the top 5 and gradually descend over time. Stoney outlasts all of them, experiencing 5 separate spikes throughout 2017. Normally, these spikes would be associated with the release of a high-performing single, but as this article will also show, his main song in 2017 has been "Congratulations", which has experienced a similar chart run to Stoney. "rockstar" has undoubtedly helped the album remain relevant and propelled it back into the top 10, but it's been consistent without the help of regular singles.

More amazing is his performance compared to the major pop albums on the charts in 2017 (Views by Drake might be the closest thing to a hip-hop/pop album by a male rapper). The closest any artist has come to Post's longevity is Ed Sheeran's Divide, which hasn't dipped below 16th since it was released. That record may well outlast Stoney in the long run, but as it stands, Stoney remains undefeated. Post's 5 separate comebacks and spikes may not even be bettered by Ed, though. Divide has had two comebacks, spiking from 14th to 6th and later 16th to 6th.

"Congratulations" (5x Platinum, 20 weeks in Top 20)

"Congratulations", featuring Quavo, has been the linchpin to Post's success in 2017. It dropped in January, and has since been certified 5x platinum, keeping him in the charts and on the radio for the entire year and setting up the chart-topping run of "rockstar". 

"Congratulations" has outlasted the peak of every major hip-hop single in 2017. The pink line was unrelenting, slowly gathering pace and holding its peak for much longer than "Humble", "Bad & Boujee" and "Mask Off", even if those tracks charted higher at their pinnacle. Even Bruno Mars' "24K Magic" ran out of endurance before "Congratulations", which only began to bottom out in its 37th week on the chart. Post's "rockstar" then took over.

This chart isn't exhaustive (an end of year list is to come, and will feature a full breakdown of the most enduring acts of 2017), but it shows Post's performance compared to his peers. Despite having a truly epic year, Kendrick hasn't charted as long or as well as Post, nor has 21 Savage, Migos, or even Drake. Post Malone has achieved these impressive numbers on the back of 3 releases: Stoney, "Congratulations" and "rockstar", all of them as the lead artist. He's spent 7 weeks at number 1 via "rockstar", and has sold a muscular 12.4 million singles and albums throughout the year. His decision to delay his next project Beerbongs & Bentleys may have more to do with the fact he's still doing numbers 12 months on from the release of his last project. 

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