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30 Things You Might Have Forgotten About Growing Up, NSW Edition

Never Step On The Cracks!!!

Just don't. Trust me.

Custom Backgrounds for your Nokia
Sure, they cost a fair bit of money, but it was totally worth it! How else were people to know you like The Backstreet Boys?

Happy Harold

The mere sight of the trailer sent the entire school into a state of high anticipation. It's a giraffe talking about how important it is to eat carrots, why did we adore it so much?

Fundraising with boxes of Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas


No playground was ever complete without some kid wearily moving between student groups trying to offload some fat and sugar for a dollar. It was fantastic to be honest! Even better when Cadbury started using their chocolate blocks in the boxes as well.

Trips to Wonderland were God-Like

Our parents used to surprise us with visits. They'd get us in the car on some pretence about visiting some relative and we'd end up here. Words can't express how I feel about this place. It was a place for us to bond as a family, to have fun together and create beautiful, vivid memories. It was a true wonderland, filled with delight at every turn. The rides never got stale, especially not the Bush Beastie, which I swear lifted off the rails on that first drop. 

RIP to a legend. 

Trips to Luna Park were less God-Like Prolmos via Flickr. License
Luna Park is much more a vibe thing. It's a place to go with mates and chill out and have a bit of fun, whereas Wonderland was always a full-day event, with plans and intense concentration. It was always a bit of a cop out when your school went here, especially after they got rid of the Big Dipper.

The obligatory school camp to Canberra

Our nation's capital. Also sinfully boring except for the Telstra Tower, which is a beautiful work of art. Bonus points if you had to come all the way up from Victoria. 

High school's with vending machines and proper canteens

© Jorge Royan /, via Wikimedia Commons
If your school canteen looks like this it was happy days. I used to eat cream buns, sausage rolls and LA Ice cola almost every day, but my absolute favourite was the custard doughnut. I assume school canteens are now watered down and boring. Seems like it's the same with vending machines, they're selling apples and such instead of vanilla coke.

Carob Buds

Back in primary school I guess someone in charge thought carob was healthier than chocolate. Maybe the lack of caffeine was the reason. I adore carob buds now, and they're so hard to find!

Scallops 50c each/5 for $1.50

Deep fried potato. Not to be confused with "Potato Pancakes", which don't exist.

Nesquik on everything!

Milo was fine, but it was kind of a one trick pony. Quik was capable of so much: ice cream topping, sprinkled on yoghurt, added to milk (it combined much easier than Milo), sneakily added to Rice Bubbles to make Coco Pops. Delicious.

McDonald's Playground

AussieGold via FlickrLicense
How good was Macca's form? Not only did they peddle junk food to children, they provided them with as a place to burn it all off! People talk about being carbon neutral, but McDonald's was calorie neutral. They were fun too, just not in the summer... 

McDonald's Birthday Party

Remember the ice cream cake? And how they used to take us on a tour of the giant freezer? Epic. 

Red Rattlers

Some of these legit didn't have freaking doors. They weren't nicknamed "Rattler" because of the bumpy ride, it was because you were rattled about falling asleep on your morning commute and falling out of the carriage on the Harbour Bridge!

Sizzler / Pizza Hut Buffet


I can't describe the joy I have always felt when entering Sizzler and to a lesser extent Pizza Hut. Sizzler was so freaking good I still go there on occasion. I don't care what anyone says. The dessert bar was stunning, the cheesy toast legendary, and the salad bar allowed you to concoct your own delicacies. Nachos with wedges instead of corn chips, croutons in your spaghetti, bacon bits on your soft serve. RIP guys, you will be missed for eternity.

Music A Viva

All I remember is a couple of people coming in and playing the Oboe. Better than Maths though!

Learning to sing "Achy Breaky Heart" in Kindergarten

No idea why we had to sing this. I am sure your school chose something different. At least I hope it did...

Borrowing CDs from the Library

Before Spotify, libraries were our streaming services. Free!! And who listens to an album for more than 3 days anyway?


Before Youtube we had Rage. It was always so exciting to see your favourite song/video, cause you had to sit through 30 others not knowing if they'd ever play it!

Age of Empires 2

Along with Counterstrike, one of the very first popular internet multiplayer games. I must have spent over 1000 hours playing it. And I still got spanked every time.

Cheez TV

Just look at this ridiculous list of shows! Nothing more to say.

ICQ/MSN Messenger

Did you know there was usually a log of all your conversations, archived somewhere on your HD? If you still have your hard drive from back then dust it off and try and find them!

Trends that lasted 6 months at the very least

Jacks, Yo-Yos, scooters, Pokemon cards, Tazos, all of these took our school by storm for a really long time. Without the internet to introduce a new meme very day, we fixated on something and stuck to it.


Before Minecraft, we had things like Gak. It's exactly what it looks like: a giant glob of goo. Stretchy and sticky, it really got disgusting quickly, thanks to dirt, dust, food, hair, fur, and all manner of junk getting stuck to it. After 6 hours it turned into a giant ball of disease. It tasted rubbish too. 

Clag Glue/Blu Stick

Every kindergarten table in my school had a big pot of Clag glue, and they should have just given us all spoons before class everyday, because most of it ended up in our stomachs. It was bloody delicious. 

I never thought I'd love a glue more until the Blu Stick came out. Made by Bostik, glue went on blue and dried clear, so you could see where you had glued and where needed more glue. Glue glue glue glue glue. Blu stick tasted terrible though. 

Writing your lunch order on a brown paper bag

By Matt Edward [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
This just reminded me I adore my mother so much.

Saturday morning sport on frosty grass

Tbmynors assumed. [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons
Winter sports that started any time before 9am were absolutely brutal! Now you know why you love to sleep in on the weekend, because you wasted all your weekend morning energy chasing after a cricket ball that you couldn't pick up without gloves!

Legendary Characters

You might have forgotten Grug, but guys like Blinky Bill, Brum, Agro, Mr Squiggle, Johnson & Friends, Babar, and Bananas in Pajamas are going to be your imaginary friends for life!

Sydney 2000 Olympics

By David Shapinsky from Washington, D.C., United States [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
How bloody good were they?! Magical time.

John Howard

This legend.

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