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9 Reasons Why Depeche Mode Need to Tour Australia

So the absolutely iconic Depeche Mode recently announced "The Global Spirit Tour", destined for Europe and North America. No Oceania, no Asia... 

Asking "why not?" has never been more pertinent. As you'll now read, there's plenty of reasons why Depeche Mode need to travel downunder.

1. Australia is their 23rd most played-in country, according to 

And yet Thump revealed in 2014 that Melbourne is the 17th biggest electronic music market in the world, and The Telegraph ranked Australia 6th on the list of the world's biggest music markets. We love music and we love electronica, just ask Kraftwerk

2. They haven't toured in 23 years!

If you don't do something for 23 years, your counter resets to zero, so essentially, Depeche Mode have never come out to Australia. There are fans who were at the concert that now need their food chewed for them. 

3. Their North American tour finishes in October, leaving the summer, and summer festivals, wide open!

Australia loves a festival, and bands love them too, because they get paid, a lot. It was reported in 2015 by that  headliners such as The Smashing Pumpkins can earn well over $1 million for 4 festival headline slots. If Soundgarden can get $2.1 million, it's doubtless Depeche Mode could at least equal that. I daresay Falls Festival or Field Day would book them in a heart beat. Stereosonic might even get a look in. 

4. "I Feel You" is lowkey about Australia

  • "Your sun it shines" is a direct reference to the way our sun shines even brighter due to the hole in the Ozone layer
  • Does "Your heart it sings / I feel you / The joy it brings" remind you of anything? It's surely inspired by our national anthem! "In joyful strains then let us sing". 
  • Don't forget the line "Where angels sing". Is it a coincidence we have a band called The Angels in Australia? With a hit song called "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?" 
One coincidence, fair enough .Two? That's a stretch. Three? That's a reference! 

5. Australia is in the middle of a massive electronic revolution 

Flume won a Grammy in 2017 for his album Skin, which charted at number 8 on the US Billboard 200. Empire of the Sun cracked the top 20 with their 2nd album, and band member Luke Steele has worked with Jay Z and Beyonce! Australia adores electronic music, there's thousands of bedroom producers who'd wet themselves to see legends like Depeche Mode live. 

6. They acknowledge they have "lots of fans in Australia"

Andy Fletcher told as such. Even if your fans are scattered all over Australia, we can bus them into any city you want!! We'll even ride kangaroos if you ask us to! 

7. Andy Fletcher has toured Australia recently!

In 2011 Fletcher undertooka lowkey DJ tour of Aus, playing some DM songs and absolutely slaying. We know all the words. 

8. Their last album, Delta Machine, charted at 16 in Australia, while The Pet Shop Boys' Electric charted at 26

And The Pet Shop Boys still toured! Devo toured in 2012! 

9. Worse comes to worse, they can always piggy back on a Farnesy/Barnesy tour

John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes can pack out any RSL in the country, on any night of the week (except raffle or bingo night). If DM aren't feeling up to a headline tour, I am sure one of these two Aussie legends will be glad to give them a leg-up, and a guaranteed 250 people per gig. 

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