Reality TV show's fans confused after contestants stop repeating the rules every 8 seconds

Fans of popular show Survivor Australia were plunged into darkness this week as the contestants seemed to be forcibly restraining themselves from reminding viewers the rules of the game every time the camera lands on them. Phrases like "It's a numbers game," "If we lose this challenge we're facing elimination," "The tribes could merge tomorrow, or the next day, or even the day after that we don't know," and "Someone will be going home tonight" were noticeably absent, to the chagrin of some.

"Is it still a numbers game? I don't get it. Is there still an elimination at every tribal council? This is a ridiculous way to treat loyal viewers, it's resembling a season of Lost right now," said loyal fan Betty.

This may be the reason for the lowish ratings the show has been receiving. When compared to 2016's My Kitchen Rules, Survivor's numbers are poor, just over half. Experts say this could have to do with MKR's dedication to mentioning the rules at least once every 8 seconds.

"You'll notice every episode of MKR, every contestant is basically reading from a prompter," Jack Davis, veteran reality TV show blogger said. "'If we screw this up we're going home tonight.' 'This is the semi-finals.' Notice the simplicity, it's a safe haven for fans who come home from work and don't want to have to think about rules, complications, and what I basically call the 'fine print' of a TV show."

If the numbers keep sliding, producers will have little choice but to encourage their contestants to return to normal dialogue.

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