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Office worker "throws coffee mug through monitor" after accidentally closing browser window with 15 tabs open

Jack Horton was fired from his job on Thursday after allegedly losing his temper when he accidentally clicked the "x" button on his browser, with 15 important and information-filled tabs open. He was so incensed he threw a half full mug of coffee at the monitor, which crashed through the other side and burnt a fellow employee on the arm.

Asked why he opted out of the "warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs" feature on the Chrome browser, he said:

"Because it bloody well pops up all the time. I was reckless, I figured if I am clicking to close the window I know I want to close it, why should I have to confirm my decision?"

Horton was inputting data into one of the tabs, and using the others to research via the internet. In attempting to click the drop down menu on the right, he missed and hit the close button.

"Devastated, and in a blind rage I hurled the coffee mug. When I explained it to the co-worker I injured he agreed not to press charges out of solidarity, but my boss had no choice but to pull the plug. I fear I am un-hirable, who is going to hire a data processor who keeps closing windows accidentally?"

Horton's co-worker, Andy, who was the unlucky bystander during the event, said it could happen to anyone.

"We've all done it, and Lord knows if there was a hot beverage near me the last time I mis-clicked I'd be out on the street too. There's no hard feelings, but it serves as a sobering reminder to re-employ that little warning box. It may be irritating, but it could save your career."

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