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Man makes it all the way to car holding six-pack by just the cardboard

A Lithgow man told of how incredibly lucky he was over the weekend, when he picked up a six pack of Hahn SuperDry and made it all the way from the counter to his car carrying it by just the two holes in the top of the cardboard packaging.

Josh Hastings was shopping at the LiquorLand in Valley Plaza late Saturday afternoon, when he picked out a six pack, and, mind wandering, made the roughly 80 metre walk through the car park to his ute.

"I wasn't even thinking about it. Normally I'd buy a case and carry it on my shoulder, but I had work Sunday morning, and my brother drinks SuperDry. It was even slightly wet too, from condensation. I carried it back and didn't realise until I was in the car how lucky I'd been."

Some bottle shops have taken to posting signs informing customers the responsibility lies with the purchaser if they carry a cardboard six pack and it tears, resulting in shattered beer and a shattered afternoon. 

"Just last month I was packing the groceries in the car, and I saw a young bloke walk out with one finger in the hole. His six pack fell and shattered. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It really hammers home how fortunate I was." 

It's advised you either cradle your six pack, or ask the person on the register to double bag it, ensuring maximum security. Never carry a six pack by the neck of one bottle, unless you're feeling particularly fortuitous. 

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