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Australian man banned from office boadroom after admitting he hasn't watched a single Rio Olympic event

Parramatta man Adam Brian revealed via his Twitter account on Tuesday that he's been banned from attending office meetings, after his work mates discovered he had yet to see a single Rio Olympic event.

"I just don't trust him" superior Joe Walsh said. "Anyone who doesn't support our Aussie boys and girls, at least in the pool, doesn't have a place in the cut-throat world of business."

In his defence, Adam Brian of Parramatta said that the events were on when he was either at work, or looking after his kids.

"The time difference makes it difficult, I am always busy when the best events are on, like the swimming. Every time I come home from work they're replaying the water polo or the archery. I'm as Australian as the next guy, but I really can't get enthused about a bunch of guys splashing after a ball for half an hour."

He also blames some of the exclusion on his name.

"Everyone keeps saying 'never trust a man with two first names.' I think that plays into it, because Kevin Perkins in accounts has never seen an Olympic event in his life, and he's still welcome in board meetings." 

It's unclear if Brian will seek the help of the Fair Work Ombudsman, or if he even has a case. 

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