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September Insanity! The best music from the past few months

As the craziest month of music in a long while ends, I've compiled a list of MUST LISTEN records that I have been heavily spinning in the past couple of months.

Placebo - Loud Like Love
Forget for a moment that I am a die-hard Placebo fan. This record is GOOD! It kicks off with the killer title track which explodes in the colour that is utilised in the album artwork. It toes the line between stereotypical love-song record and thought provoking dissection of an emotion we all experience in different ways. It's instantly deeper and more listenable than Battle For The Sun, whilst still maintaining the stylistic movement that have defined recent Placebo releases. The final track, Bosco, is jaw dropping. For anyone who has been in a situation like this, it rings dangerously true. It marks the first time since Song To Say Goodbye that Molko has managed to perfectly capture a situation and shed light on the inner workings of the mind during such a vulnerable period. A stunning closer.

Jay-Z - Magna Carta, Holy Grail
Forget for a moment that I am a die-hard Jay-Z fan. Ok that's the last time I say that. If Yeezus was the hover car, this is hover car 2.0. But don't compare Yeezus to a hover car, it's much more flawed. Big brother came through and swept the rug out from under West, releasing the quintessential contemporary hip hop record. Melding all the old bravado, bragging, street mentality, started from the bottom integrity with a ridiculously forward thinking ear for beats, Jay monsters every single flow and every single guest, and in the process every single rap album this year. People try, and even delude themselves that they've managed it, but it's very difficult to fault this man. Smashing charts and delivering relevant music is not easy, but he has done it since 1996. Listen to this record.

Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady
Some kind of funk infused futuristic lounge session, The Electric Lady is a triumph of nostalgia mating with brilliant invention. She shakes and grooves, the music pulses with barely controlled glee and audacity. The strange thing is Monae doesn't exude much personality through this record, she creates an odd persona that is slightly muted, yet that is part of the charm. You find yourself getting lost in the atmosphere that she creates, it's such a smooth easy listen yet at the same time it can bite and spit at you, dragging you in to its world with refreshing tenacity. Brilliant record

Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks
I wasn't ready for this record, and judging from the internet neither was anyone else. Reznor tweaks his usual formula, making a slight left turn and incorporating a real electronic edge to his paranoid and depressed fantasies. It's less accessible than previous works. By this I mean Reznor doesn't let you in to his world quite as blatantly as he has before. There is now a thin veil of privacy he has erected around himself. I'd call it maturity. Others have been disappointed by it, but it enhances the focus on his music, which is freaking brilliant. Copy Of A could be track of the year, it's pop refracted through a dirty subway grate.

Cloud Control - Dream Cave
I saw Cloud Control on a date a few years ago. They sucked. Hispter garbage I dismissed them as, and that was that. Until Dream Cave came out. The title smacked of simplicity. They recorded this record in an actual cave, and yes you've heard it a million times but you can hear the water dripping of stalactites in one of the songs. Despite this, they have produced the surprise of the year. Somehow they've bridged the gap between musical snobbery and infectious peppiness, and each song (Scar is the PERFECT example of this) satisfies our insatiable need for pop as well as our outward portrayal of a mature musical palate. It is, therefore, the perfect album for the modern hipster. Is that why I love it so much?

The-Drum - Contact
It's 4am. You're in a city you don't recognise any more. An alleyway you don't remember requesting, a part of town that never existed until this moment. Your pills are wearing off, the lights are crashing around you, the comedown is upon you. You notice a door to your left. There's a bright light shining out from the crack at the bottom. The only light in the street now. You stumble towards it, desperate for its warmth. As you reach the door it opens, and you dazedly fall through. Opening your eyes, you're sitting on a red couch, in a dimly lit lounge room. Contact begins to play, you close your eyes and drift in to the ether, healed.

Further releases and their scores:
2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME: 8/10
Pluto Jonze - Eject: 7/10
Drake - Nothing Was The Same: 6/10
Big Sean - Hall Of Fame: 7/10
Editors - Weight Of Your Love: 6/10
Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action - 7/10
Juicy J - Stay Trippy: 7.5/10
Shigeto - No Better Time Than Now: 8/10
Zola Jesus - Versions: 7.5/10
Regurgitator - Dirty Pop Fantasy: 7/10
Elvis Costello and The Roots - Wise Up Ghost - 7/10
Moby - Innocents - 5/10
Dead Letter Circus - The Catalyst Fire: 7.5/10
Seams - Quarters - 7/10
Nightmares On Wax - Feelin' Good - 6/10
The Bloody Beetroots - Hide: 6.5/10
White Lies - Big TV: 7.5/10
Arctic Monkeys - AM: 8/10
EM.MA - Blue Gardens - 6.5/10
Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird: 7/10
Tech N9ne - Something Else: 7.5/10
 Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King: 8/10
Pixies - EP1: 7/10
Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister: 5/10
Danny Brown - Old: 7/10
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Take Me To The Land Of Hell: 7.5/10

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